With all our EPC services managed in-house, Chemex Global leverages an integrated team approach with each project for both stick-built and modular refinery construction development processes. We believe successful projects can only be accomplished when the contractor and customer share the same goals and develop a unified partnership that leads to on-schedule project completion that meets expectations across the board. No matter the size or output of the project, our engineering and design services are performed with constructibility and operational end-goals in mind. From the earliest stages of the project, our team considers shipping logistics, equipment, scheduling constraints, material availability, startup and commissioning, and craft resource needs. Long before crews arrive on-site, our team incorporates Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) practices into the plans. Using this best practice methodology means that construction-driven planning and collaboration is used through all phases of the conventional or modular construction project. Our team’s track record shows repeated demonstrations of our ability to get complex construction projects, no matter the scale, completed on time and within this industry’s dynamic budget constraints. modular fabrication