Chemex Global helps customers bring everything from the most complex modular refineries to traditional construction projects to life.  Our secret to successful engineering is teamwork and wholistic coordination with a mix of engineering disciplines, as well as safety, quality, procurement, and project control expertise. Our tailored, collaborative approach leads to designs that address all the environmental, safety, and client requirements for healthy, long-term plant operations and maintenance programs. Through feasibility, front-end, and detailed engineering and design phases, our team fuses core values into every aspect of the projects we deliver.


From an initial idea, Chemex Global has the team and systems in place to map out and conduct thorough feasibility and construction project scoping studies. We assess the full project vision and integrate safety, quality, and financial viability to provide a totally evaluated project concept at the start. Our team offers solutions that are customized to fit each individual customer’s construction project size, refining and processing output goals, project budget and sustainable operational needs.


The Front-End Engineering and Design phase typically follows a feasibility study. During the FEED stage of the EPC process, technical aspects are investigated to produce a basis of design, initial engineering deliverables, and a more detailed estimate. We continue to reflect on the intentions of the project and the specific requirements to ensure it is all captured as part of the FEED package. Our in-house engineering team works together to ensure your project plans identify and outline the full size and complexity of a project so that all stakeholders have an accurate and realistic timeline with a true reflection of conventional or modular project costs and expectations. We know there is no substitute for a reliable, front-end plan that ensures safety, quality, smooth phase transitions, and minimizes the opportunity for missing deadlines, exceeding budgets or miscommunications.


Detail Engineering and Design is performed through coordination among the specialized discipline engineers and project engineers who manage overall EPC activities. As a project moves into detailed engineering and design, our team actively pursues opportunities within each discipline to optimize schedule durations, reduce costs, and review and optimize plans to account for particular challenges facing builds of any size in any location without compromising on safety and quality. Our design methodology and expertise are integrated into the foundation of the design. We leverage our team’s global experiences in engineering to execute interactive refinery design optimization, which ensures the most effective and reliable solution is achieved no matter the market. In keeping with this informed and agile approach, Chemex Global’s engineering specialists remain on the cusp of the emerging renewables market, with a keen understanding of the benefits and requirements of producing renewable diesel.

Engineering services include:

  • Feasibility & Conceptualization Engineering
  • Process Engineering
  • Bulk Materials Handling
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Piping Engineering & Design
  • Drafting & 3D Modeling
  • Civil / Structural Engineering
  • Electrical & Controls Engineering
  • Construction Engineering, Management, & Inspection
  • Facility Start-up & Commissioning
  • Preventative Maintenance & Reliability Engineering