Modular Fabrication

Chemex Global is a pioneer in modular process unit fabrication. With our diverse portfolio, we understand that every project and client is unique and requires a custom solution. It is through our experiences that we have tailored Chemex Global’s approach and designs to meet every customer’s individual environmental, operational, and logistical needs with the best value-added designs. Modular systems offer practicality and innovation in response to complex scenarios. The use of modular fabrication techniques minimizes the impacts of poor weather conditions, limited availability of skilled labor, and local area access or security challenges. Our skid-mounted, modular designs are easy to transport anywhere in the world and result in a less complicated, faster projects when compared to traditional stick-built facilities.

Chemex Global’s fabrication teams are tenured employees with second-to-none performance. We take immense pride in our craftsmanship and offer an unrivaled commitment to safety, rigorous quality control, and schedule focus that results in custom-built modules delivered on time and within budget.