Project Development

Chemex Global differentiates itself with a well-developed expertise in the project development process.  Our track record is proven in helping customers take ideas from the “conceptual” phase through all the areas of project development that lead to bringing a concept-phase idea to life. Our team can develop project execution plans and help minimize unnecessary costs and at-risk capital by working within a phased approach. We can aid in sourcing project development funding and provide early detailed estimates without extensive engineering work. Chemex Global is unique in that we maintain relationships with all the major development banking institutions in our areas of geographic focus and can add significant value to our customers pre-financial close activities. Our end-to-end project execution capability means Chemex Global has the people in place to help our customers take a project from concept through to a live plant or facility.  Our tailored approach to development leverages all aspects of our unique knowledge and capabilities to conceptualize, design, and build the best projects.

Our Stages of full project development:

  • Scoping studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Pre-FEED and FEED studies
  • Project financial close
  • Detailed engineering and design
  • Procurement
  • Fabrication
  • Construction
  • Start-up and commissioning
  • Training
  • Plant turnover