Why Chemex Global?

Chemex Global is a trusted, turnkey provider of engineering, procurement, construction and construction management (EPC/EPCM) services for modular and conventional refining projects (or hybrids of both). Chemex Global is backed by leading quality and safety programs as well as professional engineering and project management expertise that ensures the successful delivery, installation and start-up of any type of refinery process or equipment for operations anywhere in the world. With origins in the personalized, boutique approach—with a keen focus on skid-mounted modular construction solutions—Chemex Global maintains the ability to be agile and personalized more than 40 years later with an in-depth understanding of the benefits of modular construction, the requirements of every aspect of the refining and energy-producing process, and with a finger on the pulse of cutting-edge products, such as renewable diesel. This full-service, in-house approach includes a thorough feasibility phase to clarify project needs and outline goals, regular check-ins and ongoing communication regarding project progress and any issues encountered or anticipated with corresponding corrections, and budget- and time-effective solutions that meet deadlines for any scale of project.

All Our In-house EPC/EPCM Services

  • Conceptual Engineering (Feasibility/Scoping Studies)
  • Complex Process Design
  • Front-End & Detailed Engineering Design
  • Procurement
  • Fabrication
  • Construction (Modular Refinery or Conventional Refinery)
  • Startup Services & Training
  • Greenfield Refinery EPC
  • Brownfield Refinery EPC
  • Refinery Relocations, including Conversion of Conventional Refinery to Modular Refinery
  • Revamps & Turnarounds
  • De-Bottlenecks
  • Optimizations
  • Reconfigurations

Advantages of Modularization

Labor Cost

  • Lower cost of tools in shop vs. on-site.
  • Lower cost of construction support/temporary building on-site.
  • Lower costs of supervision, training, safety, and testing in shop vs. on-site.
  • Lower cost of skilled labor in shop vs. on-site.


  • Significantly greater labor efficiency.
  • Controlled shop environment eliminates weather interruptions.
  • Substantial reduction in schedule.
  • Can accelerate projects occurring inside an operating facility.
  • Fabrication can begin in parallel with permitting and civil work.

Safety & Quality

  • Tall vertical structures built horizontally in a shop meaning less fall prevention required on-site.
  • Minimize on-site congestion.
  • Safety and QA/QC easily managed in a controlled shop environment.
  • Extensive factory acceptance testing possible in a controlled environment.


  • Shorter duration of heavy lift equipment on-site.
  • Less scaffolding on-site.

Reduction of Peak Workload

  • Reduce required manpower on-site.
  • Save on job camps and related infrastructure costs due to fewer direct and indirect field labor needs.


  • Reduce on-site waste.
  • Reduce environmental impact on-site.