Chemex Global has been active in the emerging renewable energy sector since 2017. Renewable fuels like ethanol, biomethane, biodiesel, and renewable diesel are made from various kinds of organic matter, called feedstock, such as vegetable oils, animal tallow, and used cooking oils and greases. Finding ways to utilize these naturally renewable organic materials creates new opportunities for savings and recycling solutions for various industries. The renewables market, specifically renewable diesel, allows customers to take advantage of tax credits, run a more environmentally friendly operation, and prepare their businesses for future regulations regarding the future of renewable fuel. Chemex has mastered the development of projects employing most major renewable diesel technologies. Over the years, Chemex Global has been involved in developing renewable diesel projects employing most major renewable diesel technologies.

Our recent experiences allowed us to build an unparalleled project estimating expertise and a library of vendor information and pricing for all types of projects, from pre-treatment to the RDU to hydrogen generation to the balance of plant. Whether a customer is thinking of a unit conversion or greenfield project, Chemex Global provides affordable value addition to any renewable diesel project development process. Our success within this renewable energy market derives from our team’s intimate understanding of governmental regulations, industry-specific tax credit opportunities, applied experiences from other types of well-known energy projects and perfecting renewable project development processes and new modular options for customers. Chemex is best positioned to help customers fast-track renewable fuel projects due to our dedicated team of in-house experts who are knowledgeable and experienced with both facility construction techniques and operational logistics, such as sourcing the highest yielding and most cost-effective feedstock source for both moderate- and large-scale refining projects. 


Exemplary Project: Haldor Topsoe HydroFlex Renewable Diesel Unit 

This renewable diesel unit is one of the first greenfield installations of this technology in North America.  This unit will convert beef tallow, pig fat, and distiller’s corn oil to D975 compliant renewable diesel, a complete drop-in substitute for regular diesel.




  • On and Off-Module Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Fabrication
  • Startup Services
  • Process Guarantee Wrap


Kansas, USA

Size of Project

6500 bpd