Project Announcement I Encina Development Group, LLC.


Chemex Global, Inc. is pleased to announce the commencement of an Engineering, Procurement, and Fabrication (EPF) contract for Encina Development Group, LLC.  The contract includes the implementation of Encina’s proprietary plastic waste catalytic conversion technology. The facility is a part of Encina’s final step toward deployment in several locations. It will also allow the processing of various customers’ feedstocks from around the world, which has been ongoing since 2019. The plant will be completed and continuously operated in San Antonio, TX, with Chemex assisting with installation and commissioning.

The plant will consist of additional new equipment, including four vertically stacked proprietary modules. All engineering, design, procurement, piping and structural fabrication, assembly, painting, insulating, heat tracing, electrical work, panels, junction boxes, and PLC/HMI programming will be performed by Chemex.

“Encina is excited to work with Chemex on the commencement of our circular chemical plant in San Antonio, Texas,” said Carlo Badiola, Senior Vice President of Engineering and Technology. “Chemex is one of the most advanced modular designers and constructors in the petrochemical space. Their process engineering capabilities greatly facilitated the implementation of our proprietary technology. This partnership is strategic for us in our effort to further realize our customers’ circular supply chain requirements.”

“It’s a testament to the capabilities of both organizations that we were able to jointly agree on the process design to implement Encina’s technology and arrive at definitive EPF terms to meet Encina’s schedule for the roll-out of this plant,” said Matt Rodgers, Chemex’s Chief Commercial Officer. “We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Encina, as the circular economy objectives of both companies are strongly aligned.”