Encina and Chemex Announced the First-Ever Production of High Purity Aromatics Made Entirely from End-of-Life Mixed Plastics

Houston, October 11, 2022 – Chemex Global, LLC. is pleased to join its client, Encina Development Group, LLC, in announcing the first-ever production of high-purity aromatics made entirely from end-of-life mixed plastics. Chemex and Encina executed an EPC contract in the fall of 2021 that included the implementation of Encina’s proprietary plastic waste catalytic reforming technology at demonstration scale resulting in the successful application of Encina’s technology to various feedstocks. Encina operates the circular chemicals facility in San Antonio, Texas.  Encina has delivered its high-purity monomer chemicals to customers and confirmed that ongoing production would continue.

Chemex Global performed all engineering, design, procurement, piping and structural fabrication, assembly, painting, insulating, heat tracing, electrical work, panels, junction boxes, and PLC/HMI programming and was further responsible for the construction and commissioning support. 

Carlo Badiola, Senior Vice President of Engineering & Technology states, “Chemex is one of the most advanced modularization designers and constructors in the petrochemical space.  Chemex’s process engineering capabilities greatly facilitated the implementation of our proprietary technology.  This partnership is strategic for us in our effort to further realize our customers’ circular supply chain perspectives.”

Matt Rodgers, Chief Commercial Officer, Chemex, added that “Chemex looks forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Encina as the circular economy objectives of both companies are strongly aligned.”